Evoke Electric Motorcycles Aiming to Bring Affordability to Market

The words affordable and electric motorcycle don’t usually go hand in hand, but if a new Chinese based startup gets their way then we could soon see electric motorcycles that are priced in line with ICE bikes. While currently only available for sale in Beijing and Shanghai, the company has plans to expand further afield into South East Asia.

The main man behind the company known as Evoke is Nathan Siy who grew up in Canada and began his exploration of electric motorcycles while offering tours of Beijing using electric scooters. Thus was born the Evoke Urban S and Urban – both naked styled motorcycles that aren’t half bad looking compared to what often comes out of China.

While they certainly sit below American based Zero Motorcycles insofar as specifications go, they’re also course considerably cheaper too. And if there specifications are to be believed (yes, grain of salt time) then they’re remarkably good value. Costing the equivalent of about $6,500 USD, the Evoke Urban S manages a range of up to 160 kilometers and a top speed of 130 kph – more than adequate for China’s clogged roadways and still acceptable for most western commutes, too.

The Evoke Urban S uses a 7.2 kWh lithium cobalt battery which produces maximum power of 19 kw (25 horsepower). That puts it roughly in line with 150cc to 250cc machines. Curb weight is 183 kg and it sports twin discs up front with 4 pot calipers and 42mm inverted forks.

Would it pass muster in comparison to the Zero and Victory range? Maybe not, but it’s exciting to see that China is already entering the electric motorcycle game and that can only be good for prices and the technology going forward.

evoke urban 001 evoke urban 002 evoke urban 003 evoke urban 004

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