Ducati Rated Best Motorcycle Dealership In USA For 2014

A report by consulting company Pied Piper Management rates Ducati as the best motorcycle dealership in the USA for potential new customers, ahead of 16 other brands according to the annual survey.  Ducati was closely followed by last year’s highest rated dealer network, Harley-Davidson.  The lowest ranked dealerships were KTM, Aprilia and Yamaha.

Ducati and Harley-Davidson dominated the findings, scoring top marks in half the criteria measured.  They included the offering test rides (where the likes of Ducati, HD and BMW offered test rides on 60% of occasions) and asking for customer contact details.

While ratings for the industry are up overall on 2013, only five brands scored above the industry average, showing that there’s a great deal of disparity between the best and worst dealerships.  The report doesn’t take into account any aftersales service quality and performance.  What’s been your experience with the likes of Ducati and Harley-Davidson when shopping for a new bike?

2014 Pied Piper Satisfaction Index Motorcycle Dealers


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