Dainese Announces Stand-Alone Air-Bag Jacket – the Misano 1000

Not long after Alpinestars went to market with their air-bag jacket system that works as a self-contained unit, Dainese has now introduced their version titled the D-air Misano 1000. Like Alpinestars Tech-Air system, the new Misano 1000 leather jacket operates without need of sensor kit fitted to the motorcycle.

The sensors, electronics and the GPS are housed in the back protector. The Dainese patented 3D airbag has an inner micro-filament structure which provides uniform inflation of 5cm over all surfaces to provide maximum protection and comfort. The  construction of the air-bag is unique and differs from all other air-bags used in the automotive industry.

The triggering algorithm utilizes six sensors hosted in the back-protector to monitor the dynamics of the rider’s body 800 times a second and determines when to deploy the system in the event of impacts, high-sides and low-slides with tumbling.

The Misano 1000 air-bag system works together with the back and chest-protectors, safeguarding the riders collar bone, chest and back as well as limiting excessive strain to the neck. The integration of the ON/OFF switch in the jacket closing flap provides an additional safety factor. An LED on the right arm shows the status of the system.

Unlike the Alpinestars system however, it seems that Dainese’s offering isn’t modular whereby the system can be swapped with other compatible jackets that the Tech-Air system can. The jacket will be available in two color schemes from November at the price of €1499. No word yet on availability outside of Europe.

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