Create Your Own Custom Spidi Suit

If you’re serious about motorcycles you’ll probably end up at the race track at some point. And if your budget can afford it, you’ll probably go there a lot. Unfortunately, in addition to track fees you’ll need to open your wallet for a leather suit – not a cheap investment. Now at least you can make it a unique creation with Spidi’s innovative custom suit designer website.

Custom suits are obviously nothing new – many independent shops cater to riders wanting a perfect fitting piece of gear and even many of the major manufactures have allowed you to contact them requesting a custom fit, but we haven’t seen it done through a website which lets you modify not only the sizing, but the materials, appearance and color of the suit.

At the moment, Spidi is only offering customization on its Track Wind Pro Y 120 suit for men, although a version for women will be available soon. The base price starts at $1,499 which is $100 more than what it retails for on Revzilla. From there however you can choose to upgrade from cowhide  to kangaroo leather ($399), change the color of the suit to whatever combinations you want (at no extra cost), add logos for $15 each and finally, order the suit in either a standard size or customized exactly to your dimensions for $600 extra.

You can certainly get custom suits cheaper, but if you’re just after a standard sized piece of gear with your own choice of color and the addition of logos, it’s actually not too bad a deal.

Go ahead and make your own at SpidiCustom.


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