BMW S1000F – Is This It?

German company Wunderlich (supposedly means whimsical in English), which specializes in accessories for BMW motorcycles, has published images on its Facebook page which may well be what the new BMW S1000F will look like.  The BMW S1000F will likely be the last model based off the BMW S1000RR, taking the role of soft adventure bike alongside the naked S1000R.

These may very well be what it looks like when it’s officially unveiled in a few months, as Wunderlich has been in the business of making stuff for BMW motorcycles for 28 years.  The images are quite similar to spy photos obtained in March of this year.

The S1000 series of motorcycles by BMW are the most technologically advanced bikes available today, featuring advanced traction control, quick shifters, cruise control and active suspension, alongside what is probably the best ABS on the market.

Like the S1000R, the S1000F is likely to feature a slightly detuned version of the engine in the S1000RR.  The naked bike still packs a walloping 160 bhp and 112 nm of torque.  Given the allow wheels and low exhaust, don’t expect to take this thing off road, it’s purely adventure bike in name only, featuring a more upright riding position, slightly longer suspension travel and high bars.

It’s aimed directly at Ducati’s Multistrada, which comes with 150 bhp and 125 nm of torque, but without as much technical trickery.


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