BMW S 1000 XR First to Feature Continental Automotive’s Cornering ABS

Cornering ABS is fast becoming the next step in ABS systems for motorcycles. Bosch’s system first debuted on the KTM 1290 Super Duke and has since found it’s way onto a number of BMW’s and Ducati’s. Continental has now joined the party and their similarly titled Optimized Curve Braking system will first feature on a BMW as well, being the yet to be released S 1000 XR, an ‘adventure sport tourer’ which will hit showrooms early in 2015.

It’s an interesting move from BMW to use a different high end system in one of their bikes when they’ve obviously worked with Bosch for some time. It may be a case of Continental’s system being better suited to the type of bike the S 1000 XR is, or BMW may be doing what’s best in their corporate interests and playing the two brands against each other to reduce supply costs.

So how does Continental’s system work? Like Bosch’s system, it takes into account that motorcycles lean over and hence normal ABS systems won’t work properly unless the bike is stood up. Lothar Kienle, head of Development Motorcycle in the Vehicle Dynamics Business Unit at Continental stated that “the ABS kicks in more gradually, modulating braking pressure more smoothly to improve handling in curves.”

Continental Optimized Curve Braking

The ABS adapts as a function of how much a rider leans into a curve, depending on the situation. The sensor cluster provides signals on roll and pitch rates plus lateral acceleration to help determine the angle at which a rider is leaning and checks the data around one hundred times per second. As the rider leans more into a curve, the system further limits the speed of the brake-pressure increase at the beginning of braking. The resultant braking pressure accumulates in a more gradual fashion. In addition, the ABS doses modulation more gently.

Obviously, a cornering ABS system can’t defeat gravity and if you brake too hard while leaned, the result will be the same regardless of how much technical wizardry you have on board. But it’s another great addition to improved motorcycle safety, especially in wet weather situations. The componentry on the Continental Curve ABS also allows the manufacturer to include:

  • Stoppie control
  • Traction control
  • Wheelie control

To learn more about the benefits of ABS you can read our article here.

The full press release from Continental is available to read here.

Continental Optimized Curve Braking



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