BMW Release GS Off-Road Helmet

Announced late last year and now arriving in stores (at least in Europe), the BMW Motorrad GS Helmet is a Dakar inspired lid with features, technology and materials that means it differs little from what is used in professional competition – and few are tougher than Dakar. In fact, the helmet was worn by Simon Pavey and his son Llewellyn during the 2015 Dakar race

The enduro helmet’s shell is made of 100% carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic which provides high quality impact absorption while keeping down weight. The GS Helmet comes in at a pretty impressive 1,500 grams and BMW assures us that this weight doesn’t impact on rider safety. The inner shell comprises five sections of varying density along with integrated neck bands which keeps the firmly in place.

The GS helmet is equipped as standard with 3D curved pinlock double glazing with an anti-fogging inner face. The outer face has a scratch-proof coating on both sides. The visor can be easily removed and replaced without the need for tools. For maximum air flow when riding off-road, the chin flap is removable. The integrated screen then provides protection against foreign objects and acts as a dust filter. The the peak (or beak) of the helmet is removable as are the chin pads and inner liner for washing.

The helmet is also compatible with BMW Motorrad’s neck brace system – devices which are quite popular in the off road motorcycling scene. The BMW GS Helmet is retailing for between  ₤400 and  ₤450 in the UK, though we expect it to hit other international retailers shortly.

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