BMW Path 22 Concept Points Way to R nineT Based Scrambler

It’s no secret that BMW Motorrad is working on a upscale rival to the Ducati Scrambler. It’s been mentioned now in several interviews that BMW plans on developing a scrambler style motorcycled based on the R nineT (as well as a cafe racer) and at the Wheels & Waves Festival we’ve seen our strongest clue yet as to what the bike will entail.

The name “Path 22” refers to one of the insider secrets among Europe’s surf spots. This particular stretch of beach is inaccessible to cars, located on the Atlantic coast of southern France, half an hour’s walk through one of Europe’s biggest pine forests. The path leading to this spot bears the number 22.

“The Concept Path 22 is based on the BMW R nineT, which we see as the epitome of a custom bike. It is actually designed to be modified – customised according to individual preferences. The idea of a BMW scrambler is not new to us. Now seemed to be the right time to present our interpretation of this legendary vehicle concept,” says Ola Stenegard, Head of BMW Motorrad Vehicle Design.

Leading credence to the fact that this machine is the basis of things to come, the press release states that Roland Sands Design was involved in the concept – something mentioned previously by BMW Motorrad CEO Stephan Schaller.

We’re big fans of the R nineT. It’s a beautiful machine and works brilliantly as a package. But there just seems to be something ‘off’ about the look of this concept. While we don’t have any misapprehension that the scramblers that Ducati and Triumph build are meant to be taken seriously off road, this concept looks too massive to be even considered for such ventures. The tank needs to be reduced in volume by at least half to work as a Scrambler, either in name or in practical application.

Let’s hope BMW won’t take the cheap route with their R nineT based Scrambler and just throw some trails tires and a new exhaust along with a Scrambler badge.


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