BMW K1600 Bagger Closer To Release

First spotted back in July last year, latest spy shots show the K1600 derived machine is still being worked on by BMW Motorrad. For those unfamiliar with the style, Baggers are derived from a standard cruiser, stripped of as much of the fairings as practical and with hard and low-slung luggage attached to give the bike a low slung stance.

Baggers are big in the US market where Harley-Davidson dominates the segment and where Honda has tried its best to make inroads using the Gold Wing derived F6B.

The new spy shots show in great detail the slimmer fairings which exposes more of the inline 6 cylinder engine. It’s also more detailed and intricate than the made for aerodynamic fairings of the donor bike. The exhaust can is also heavily modified and much more cruiser like than before.

The seat has also been redesigned and incorporates back and side rests connected to the rear top box. Passenger foot pegs have also been moved forward for increased comfort. We’d expect rider foot pegs to move forward as well before release.

So when is this K1600 Bagger likely to be officially announced? Given that it will probably only be sold in the North American market, it would make since for BMW to do so soon given the riding season is beginning in many parts of the northern hemisphere.  Given how long it’s been in development and that there isn’t any major mechanical changes involved, that’s not too far fetched – at worst it will be available for sale at the end of 2016.


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