Beautiful Motorcycle Artwork and the A to Z Universe

Motorcycles aren’t just a mode of transportation, they can also be works of art.  The BMW R60/2 from the 1960’s still looks beautiful today.  The Ducati Panigale 1199 is probably going to be regarded as a future classic.  Australian artists Gav Barbey and Mark Giblin have taken this literally, producing a series entitled the A to Z Universe of motorcycles in artwork.

As the name suggests, the pair have gone about painting a motorcycle related to each letter of the alphabet.  Lovers of both classic and modern motorcyclists are catered for, with a separate series from both eras. Examples of classic motorcycles they have painted include the Norton Commando and a replica of the Ducati 900SS Mike Hailwood rode to win the 1978 Isle of Man Formula One motorcycle race.  Modern paintings include the KTM 1290 Super Duke R and the beautiful Italian MV Augusta F4 1000.

The artwork is made in a unique fashion pioneered by Gav Barbey himself.  Using high gloss, acrylic, and polymer paints (which he developed over 15 years in conjunction with Akwa paints), he pours the paint straight from the bottle onto the canvas.  This gives a contoured, ‘3D’ look to the pieces, even when transferred to prints. Different parts of the motorcycle are crated separately and then digitally combined.  The results are unique and quite attractive.  You can see an example of how this is done in the below Youtube video (which is strangely silent).

So far, in addition to the A to Z poster of modern and classic bikes, the pair are continuing to release individual bikes on A2 sized posters, in addition to greeting cards.  Shirts and calendars are on the agenda. Their current available prints are available for $35 AUD from their eBay store and given the size seem to be good value.

Visit (and perhaps bookmark) their site, the



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