Bacon (Grease) Fuelled Motorcycle

Motorcycles and bacon are possibly two of the greatest things in the world.  Now imagine if they were somehow combined – would you need anything else to be happy?  Well, yes, but this heavily modified Track T-800 is certainly unique, as it uses bio-diesel made from bacon grease (using actual bacon would be sacrilicious) as fuel.  And before you even ask, yes, the exhaust actually does have the aroma of bacon.  Wonderful.

Don’t expect to buy such a bike at your local dealer anytime soon.  This is a promotional campaign by food company Hormel who are promoting their ‘Black Label’ range of bacon.  Interesting side-note, Hormel is also the creator of SPAM in a can.  No word on an upcoming SPAM powered bike.

The reason this is feasible is that the bike being used has a diesel engine.  You have probably never heard of the Track T-800 and even if you did, you wouldn’t recognize it due to how much the bike has been modified.  The Track T-800 was released in 2009 but only sold in Holland by Dutch E.V.A. Products.  They no longer sell the Mercedes developed engine and as they only ever sold 20 of them, it’s no wonder why.  But due to diesel engines being pretty adaptable to different sources of fuel, it allowed the birth of bacon grease as a fuel source.


The fuel itself is actually very impressive.  The grease is converted at a ratio of almost 1:1 to fuel at a cost of approximately $3.50 a gallon which is bang on what you’d pay for gas in many cities.  Fuel economy is between 75 to 100 miles a gallon which is absolutely fantastic for a bike with an 800 cc capacity engine.  A miserly Honda CBR 500R struggles to get around 65 mpg.

The bike is currently making its way across America and will be featured in a documentary entitled “Driven by Bacon” and will premier in San Diego at the International Bacon Film Festival (I’m not making this up) and the end of August.

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