Armotia 2WD Electric Dirt Bike and Supermoto Near Release

Italian startup company Armotia is getting close to the release of their extremely exciting debut machines – the Due R dirt bike and Due X supermoto. Both are fully electric and both are two wheel drive with electronic distribution of torque front and rear. The company is slated to begin offering public test rides of the bikes next month and they’ve just registered both bikes with the European Trade Mark office.

These two little gems received very little fanfare upon their debut at EICMA last year – we were among most publications that didn’t even comment on them. In Italy however, they’ve gotten more coverage and despite their startup nature do look likely to deliver a real product this year.

While electric bikes aren’t exactly unique anymore, electric bikes with two wheel drive certainly are. Unlike other two wheel drive systems (such as the Christini AWD), the Armotia doesn’t use a secondary chain and sprocket to drive the front wheel but a second motor. One motor is located together with the battery where the fuel tank and engine usually sits, while the second is on the front hub. A proprietary system controls torque to both front and rear wheels while various modes allow you to split the torque to your choosing on the fly.

The other unique trick that Armotia is planning for the Due R and Due X is tight smartphone integration. While a number of companies now have systems where the bike can communicate with a smartphone, Armotia puts it front and centre. Your phone will sit where the instrument cluster normally would and in addition displaying telemetry data, will also easily allow you to make videos, monitor driving performances, save your telemetry data and share any of your route.

Otherwise however, Armotia has been pretty quiet about the technology behind the machine. While they’ve quoted specifications for much of the bike, there’s little detail on where the components have come from and who manufacturers them. Little is also known about who is stumping up the capital for the company to give potential buyers the confidence to invest what is expected to be around €15,000 for the bikes.

All that being said, if Armotia can deliver on what they’re promising we’ll have two very unique and impressive new motorcycles on the market.

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