Ariel Reveals its Ace

The Ariel Atom is about the closest thing on four wheels you can get to a motorcycle.  It’s virtually a road legal go-kart.  And now that same company has unveiled the Ariel Ace – it’s first motorcycle in more than 50 years.  And it looks gorgeous.

It’s been known for a while that Ariel was working on a motorcycle utilising an engine provided by Honda.  Those specifications are now confirmed.  It’s the same engine as used in the Honda VFR1200F – a 1,237 cc V4, with slight performance improvements of 173bhp @ 10,000 RPM and 131Nm of torque at 8,750 RPM (up from 170bhp and 129Nm, respectively).  No weight figures are given (and read on to see why), but seeing how portly the VFR1200 is, expect it to weigh a lot less.

Ariel is quoting performance figures of 0-60mph in approximately 3.4 seconds, onto a top speed of 165mph.

The reason a weight figure isn’t given is that Arial doesn’t intend for any one motorcycle to be the same.  Each Ace is fully customizable, and we’re not talking about cosmetic differences.  Options for each buyer include:

  • Different front and rear suspensions
  • Different sized fuel tank(!)
  • Multiple exhaust options
  • Changes in handlebar types
  • Customizable bodywork options
  • Different in choice of wheel types (including carbon fibre)
  • Customizable materials, finishes and colors

You can see some of the differences in the press release photos below.  Ariel goes so far to say that the Ace could be a cruiser, a supersport or a naked depending on the buyer’s preferences and choices.

Additionally, customers will be able upgrade and change their Ace over time at the Ariel factory, just like owners can with the Atom.  Ariel claims that with owners of the Atom, it has led to them keeping their vehicles and upgrading them, rather than selling and buying from a different manufacturer.

Ariel intends to only build between 100 and 150 examples each year, with prices starting at £20,000 (approximately $34,000), so mere mortals shouldn’t bother applying.  No word on international availability at this stage.

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