Alpinestars Quick Seal Rainsuit Review

Riding a motorcycle = good
Riding a motorcycle in the rain = not good

Getting caught in the rain is one of the worst things about riding a bike. You get wet and cold. And if you’re not wearing good gear, it can feel like needles being thrown at your body when riding on the highway. So it’s always a good idea to stash some sort of waterproof clothing on your bike for such cases. And the Alpinestars Quick Seal Rainsuit does a pretty good job.

Black High-Viz Yellow

To me, an important factor for a motorcycle rain suit is the ability to quickly get it on. There’s not much point in pulling off to the side of the road and getting some waterproof gear on if it takes 5 minutes to fiddle around with it – you’ll be soaking wet by the time you’re done. Thankfully, this product is designed specifically to go over motorcycle gear. I found the pants especially well designed, with large openings at the bottom that can be velcored up. It’s extremely easy to put them on over bulky boots.

Getting them off is a little bit harder, but nothing too dramatic.

The jacket features both a zip and velcro to keep you dry. I felt the collar could have been slightly higher on the back of the neck, but otherwise, it’s quite watertight.

The Alpinestars Quickseal Rainsuit is available in black, orange and high-viz yellow. Given that rain can create some of the worst visibility conditions on the road, I would go with the high-viz yellow. It’s extremely bright and yes, you will look stupid, but you’ll also stand out. Safety over style.

It retails for around $110, not exactly cheap for a raincoat, but keep in mind that it is designed to go over your gear. It also comes with a pouch to put the top and bottom back in.

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