All New Honda CB190R – A New Design Direction For Honda?

Honda in China have announced the release of an all new machine, the Honda CB190R, a naked single cylinder motorcycle. And while such a bike won’t make it to western markets we are curious to see if the design language used for this Chinese built motorcycle will translate into future Honda updates.

The Honda CB190R is definitely a more angular machine than previous Honda models and makes the current CB300F rather tame looking in comparison. The headlights are very reminiscent of those found on the Kawasaki Z800 and Z1000 and are slanted at a rather extreme angle towards the front of the bike.

The dash appears to come straight from the Honda 500 range, although backlit in blue with contrasting white digits. As seems to be the current trend in motorcycle design, the large exhaust can is instead replaced by an underslung unit. The rear of the bike also looks great with twin brake lights. We especially like the angles on the fuel tank with we’re assuming for aesthetics only air vents on the sides.

In fact, other than the ill-proportioned engine and exhaust system, the bike looks damn impressive and in our opinion, a lot nicer looking than the current naked bikes on offer from Honda in western markets. So what are the chances that this look will make its way to other countries?

At least in the short term, not too likely. The Honda CB300F is less than two years old and won’t be due for such a radical makeover for a while yet. Similarly, the CB650F is too new for Honda to spend large chunks of change on at this stage to modify its appearance. The only model that could potentially do with an upgrade is the CB500F, which is coming up on three years of service – but that would perhaps necessitate Honda updating both the faired and adventure models too – a costly exercise for what’s designed as a budget model.

For the time being at least, you’ll have to visit China if you want a modern looking Honda naked.

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