A Supercharged Hayabusa on the Way to Take Down the Ninja H2R?

A supercharged 1,400 cc ballistic missile – that’s what Suzuki is rumored to be working on for an all new Hayabusa which hasn’t had a serious up date in many, many years. This rumor is from a variety of sources in Japan and SE Asia, although we’re obviously fairly dubious about it.

That said, like the GSX-R1000, the Hayabusa is in dire need of an overhaul. The last major update to the bike was in 2008 and since then it’s really only gotten minor changes. That does then give some credence to the rumor as Suzuki is begging to ramp up production on new bikes. Also, Suzuki has filed numerous patents in relation to forced induction motorcycles over the last few years so we know they’re interested in going down that route…

But a 1.4 litre supercharged machine? If it does happen, it will be strictly for track use only. The original Hayabusa was partly responsible for a government crackdown which saw a gentleman’s agreement among manufacturers to limit their bikes to a top speed of 300 kp/h. One can only imagine the power and speed of a force induction bike with that kind of capacity…

A 1,400 cc normally aspirated bike for the street (100 cc larger than currently) and a supercharged one for the rich and famous who like their toys is much more likely.

hayabusa supercharged young machine


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