A New Yamaha MT Model to be Unveiled Next Week

Yamaha has issued a press release today with an accompanying video that continues its ‘Darkside of Japan’ theme from previous MT model releases. As is the case with most motorcycle promotional material of late, the video gives virtually nothing away save for plenty of money to ad agencies who continue to push out the same schlock.

There’s really not much lacking in Yamaha’s current range for a brand new engine to be put into the mix, so it’s hard to guess what exactly we will see next week. Could it however be an updated FZ1 like we wrote about just a few weeks ago? That would work well in America where the MT series is actually known as the FZ series. Or could it be a production model of Yamaha’s PES2 electric bike? That’s a possibility, given the wording used in Yamaha’s press release talks of ‘dark energy’ – oooh.

In the end, it’s likely to be a derivative of either the current MT-09 or MT-07 which makes sense barbecue as a base to work off, both bikes are brilliant. Yamaha today also ‘officially’ unveiled the Roland Sands Design ‘Faster Wasp’ concept which will soon morph into the production version XSR900.

All will be unveiled next week when EICMA kicks off.


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