A Man, His Dog and a 10 Year Motorcycle Adventure

Almost ten years ago, Are Gureghian lost both his mother and his only son. Unable to cope with normal life, he rescued his dog Spirit from being put down at the pound and set out on a journey across America with his motorcycle and sidecar. They camp wherever they go and are still riding today.

Gureghian has documented his amazing travels and journey with both photo and video, some of which you can see on his website. He’s just published a photo book titled ‘Hues of My Vision‘ which follows on from his story released last year called ‘Freedom on Both Ends of the Leash: A Dog, His Man, Their Journey.’

You could easily spend hours trawling through the archives of his website, reading the life changing experiences he has had which are accompanied by beautiful photography. It’s another example of the amazing escapism that motorcycles can afford.

Born in 1948 in France, a full blooded Armenian, he moved to the United States in his mid twenties and worked successfully as a Five Star Chef around the country. 10 years ago, his only child Lance passed away from liver cancer. Upon leaving on his adventure, he found Pit-bull at an animal shelter who had been abused previously and was only days away from being euthanized.

Gureghian says that “There is no turning back… there is no lifestyle that would ever compare to this one. A bad card was dealt over a bit over 11 years ago which only seems as yesterday, when my only child, my buddy, my friend, my son Lance was called away at the young age of 26. This here is my ‘therapy’, this is my ‘promise’ to Lance to go on, to again not give up, this I feel is my last episode of my own life.”

In relation to Spirit he says that “He has become my life as I know vice versa is also true. We are one now. He is quite the rider in his own sidecar and such a ham when wearing his goggles and helmet. Cooking, riding the motorcycle and sidecar rig, my dog Spirit, my Dear Friends, photography, writing, reading, roasting and drinking coffee, camping, sailing, movies… no television and Life itself… all of the above fills up our moments, one at the time.”

I can’t say I’m not slightly jealous…


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