2016 KTM Super Duke GT is a Tourer for the Extroverted

Seen before in camouflage, the brand new 2016 KTM Super Duke GT is not for those don’t like to draw attention to themselves. If you thought the 1290 Super Adventure looked big, the Super Duke GT seems larger again. But don’t let those looks deceive you – as far as touring motorcycles go this is actually one of the lightest around – and it has a hell of an engine to boot.

Using the same engine as the fire breathing naked it’s derived from, the Super Duke GT produces 127 kW (173 hp) @ 9,500 rpm and 144 Nm @ 6,750 rpm. Comparing the two bikes, KTM has set about to improve low to mid range response of the bike, providing peak torque at slightly slower engine speed. Not that we’d argue the Super Duke R was ever lacking in low end grunt.

KTM hasn’t skimped on the goodies with this bike either, taking pretty much the full suite of electronic aids from the 1290 Super Adventure. Stability control, lean angle sensitive traction control, riding modes, engine modes, cornering modes, cornering LEDs, cruise control, heated grips, quickshifter, semi-active suspension and a dish washing machine.

In effect, it’s perhaps better to compare the Super Duke GT with the Super Adventure – they virtually share all the bells and whistles, but the Super Duke GT is obviously designed for asphalt only. And like the Super Adventure, you can hardly miss it. And like it’s ‘off-road’ brother, the Super Duke GT may be content just plodding along, but with only a twist of the wrist away from being nine-tenths of a superbike – just with luggage.

The KTM Super Duke GT will be available in a wide choice of colors, which consist of grey, or grey with a bit more orange.

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