2016 Indian Chief Dark Horse Uncovered

Documents filed with the California Air Resource Board show that Polaris owned Indian Motorcycles is looking to reintroduce the Indian Chief Dark Horse either later this year or early in 2016. The Dark Horse was a derivative of the still available Indian Chief and was sold from 2010 to 2013.

The document reveals that the 2016 Indian Chief Dark Horse will use the same 1811cc V-twin engine as currently employed by both the current Indian Chief, Chieftain and Roadmaster. Weight however is indicated to be reduced by 10 kg over the standard Chief – a reduction that may well be across the model range should an update occur later this year.

Expect an announcement later this year.

2016 Indian Chief Dark Horse Uncovered


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  • Personally, I wish flat black would die…

    • It will… then after a little while it will come back again. Don’t you just love trends?

      • I’ve been riding too long to concern myself too much with “trends” 🙂