2016 Honda CRF250R Gets Big Power Boost

We’ve previously reported on the updated 2016 Honda CRF250R – the mainstay of Honda’s MX fleet – just a week ago, but little information was available at the time. Now Honda has released full details of the upgrades to the CRF250R, save for actually how much more horsepower the bike makes.

The main focus of the 2016 enhancement revolves around a completely revised cylinder head, piston and con-rod. The new engine is more powerful in the high rev range and stronger off the bottom, while still maintaining its smooth feel and delivery. An extensive redesign of the power plant has resulted in a win-win situation; less weight and more power

The CRF250R’s renowned 49mm Showa SFF-TAC-Air forks also received a host of internal changes, as well as an extra 5mm length in the top tubes to enhance traction, suspension reaction, rider feel and adjustability. While both fork legs employ the same stroke and internal dimensions as employed previously, they have undergone extensive development to reduce friction through a shorter stroke, improving suspension reaction speed and also increasing reaction force at midstroke, boosting control during prejumping and landing.

The lightweight suspension – specially developed by Showa for the CRF250R – is designed to fully unlock the chassis’ performance potential for the ultimate riding experience. Other changes like the resonator chamber in the exhaust and a redesign of the footpegs make the CRF more practical than ever before, while cutting edge technology like the Engine Mode Select Button (EMSB) is an exciting reminder that the new model means serious business.

Release date will be within the next few months, depending on your location.

2016 Honda CRF250R Gets Big Power Boost

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