2016 959 Panigale and 2016 937 Hypermotard Discovered

New filings made with the California Air Resources Board indicates that two of the new motorcycles to be unveiled by Ducati later this year will consist of displacement bumps for the 899 Panigale (increasing to 959cc), while the Hypermotard gets a fairly large increase in capacity from 821cc to 937cc.

No other information other than the fact that these two bikes will increase their displacement is known, but we’d sure hope that there would be some other upgrades or modifications to both bikes other than what some might see as a cynical way to boost sales.

It’s also a little sad to see Ducati’s supposed middleweight bike now only 41cc away from hitting the literbike mark. We’d dearly love to see a true middleweight from Ducati, even if it was around the 800cc mark. But alas, the market wants displacement and so that’s what the market gets.

The other possibility is that these increases in displacement are in fact due to the upcoming Euro IV regulations. In order to maintain the horsepower of their respective machines, Ducati may have needed to increase displacement while turning down the wick in order to meet the new, stringent tests. This would be a cheap way to keep the bikes on sale before their engines are completely redesigned in a few years time.

In other Ducati related news, they have launched a new teaser campaign called “What is Black?” We’ll give credit to Ducati – the campaign looks like it could be potentially even more annoying than their promotional efforts for the Ducati Scrambler last year. The video (below) and accompanying website probably raises more questions than it answers, but then again one would have to care what the answers are in the first place. We’re hoping the end result will be a bike reveal and not some new clothing/lifestyle line that has been rumored.

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