1,077 Ducati Scrambler Independents to be Created

Ducati is really ramping up the lifestyle division of its company and has teamed up with fashion house Italia Independent to not only produce co-branded fashion items such as sunglasses, but also a ‘limited’ edition run of 1,077 Ducati Scramblers. Why 1,077? We don’t know. Why sunglasses? Shrug.

According to Ducati, The Ducati Scrambler Italia Independent is inspired by the world of the “cafè racer” and stands out thanks to a series of hand-crafted details developed together by the creative teams of the two companies: a black engine with brushed cylinder head fins and visible machining, black full exhaust unit with Termignoni silencer, low handlebar with variable section and aluminium rear mirrors mounted on the ends. The short front mudguard, the essential nose fairing, the frame and the wheels painted “Night Copper” (colour designed for this special edition), the seat with stitching in the same colour with the embroidered Italia Independent logo on the back further embellish this version. The “Matte Black” colour of the entire bike and the side panels of the tank, created by an artisan brushing process reminiscent of the “Night Copper” of the wheels and chassis, emphasise even further the “café racer” soul of this new bike.

The sunglasses are a few cents worth of plastic which will probably cost a few hundred dollars. It’s expected the the Ducati Scrambler Italia Independent will be priced at the top of the Scrambler range. No word on if you get a free pair of sunglasses with it.

In other Ducati news, the first XDiavel has come off the production line in Italy, with deliveries expected to commence in February depending on where you are in the world.

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